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Why Attend?

Zendesk Presents: Customer Experience (CX) is an event designed to assist people who seek to explore in depth nature of how to create Breakthrough Customer Experiences and explore the complicated nature of human relationships.

At Zendesk Presents CX you will meet with innovative organisations and industry peers to discuss new techniques and tools to help you enhance your customer experience and ultimately create lasting relationships.

Who Should Attend?

Our attendees typically use titles such as: CEO, CTO, CIO, Head of Customer Experience, Customer Service Director, Customer Success Director, Marketing Director, Customer Relationship VP, Customer Service Managers and of course many more.

You might be a Zendesk customer or be a CX professional that is passionate about customer engagement and ensuring your organisation delivers the best possible Customer Experience.

About Zendesk Presents CX

Zendesk Presents CX Sydney will feature cutting-edge keynotes from Forrester Research CX Analyst Tom Champion and Zendesk CEO and Founder Mikkel Svane.

Hear from over 15 Premier Industry Leaders and Brands that have implemented innovative projects, learn about the market trends that are driving CX Investment and get an understanding of the tools, technologies and techniques to help you get and stay ahead.


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Event Kickoff and Welcome

MC: Rodney Moynihan, ANZ Sales Director Zendesk

Minding the Trust Gap

Mikkel Svane, CEO and Founder Zendesk

In Minding the Trust Gap, Zendesk's CEO Mikkel Svane will discuss why we're living in an age of unprecedented distrust.But as faith has eroded in institutions, new opportunities for building trust have emerged in the relationship between businesses and their customers. Innovations in technology, business models, customer experiences, and business culture are paving the way for a new age of trust—one where individuals matter more than institutions and customers actively define brands.

The Human Revolution #BeyondTomorrow

Chris Riddell, Futurist

What does the future customer look like, and how do organisations create incredible experiences for them? In this session Chris Riddell gives us insight of what the future customer will want, need and expect.

Morning Tea Break and Networking

Artificial Intelligence,
The Future is Now

Brett Adam, VP Engineering and Managing Director ANZ - Arwen Twinkle Griffioen, Data Scientist

VP of Engineering and Managing Director for Australia, Brett Adam exposes the new reality of artificial intelligence, how to leverage Answer Bots and machine learning and what the future of Customer Experience Technology will actually look like.

The next battleground for Customer Experience in Australia

Tom Champion, Senior Analyst Customer Experience

What game-changers and shifts will define the future of customer experiences in Australia? This speech explores the forces at play that will shape the next battleground of experience- whether it's innovation, the changing Australian customer or the imminent arrival of Amazon. Find out what leaders are doing today to ride the wave of momentum.

Customer Experience and
Innovation Panel

Customer Experience Panel

Hear from our panel of thought leaders including about CX and Innovation including; Trent Innes Managing Director Xero, Nati Harpez CEO of the Catch Group, Melissa Dorey, GM Global HR Technology & Innovation, Telstra and Larry Diamond, Managing Director and CEO, ZipMoney.

Networking Luncheon

Zendesk: How to build a world class support organisation: How to build a world class support organisation

Dan Scheltinga, Director of Global Engagement and PMO + Amie Brennan, Senior Customer Support Advocate - Tier 1

In 'How to build a world class support organisation', Zendesk's Director of Global Engagement and PMO, Dan Scheltinga, pulls back the curtain to reveal how their Customer Advocacy team's continued focus on people, process and technology have allowed them to take employee engagement and customer satisfaction to the next level.

Case Study - Carsales: Creating a successful Voice of Customer program

Shaun Wilton, Customer Service Group Manager and Paul Williams Voice of Customer -

As CX continues to become a focal point for business around the world a desire to access to the customer’s voice is increasing. Whether it be satisfaction score, NPS, social feedback, behaviour, ratings or reviews, the need to monitor, measure, report and take action on these insights is more important than ever.

Join ltd as they share their story on how they created a VOC team and the resulting benefits this has delivered to the wider business.

Afternoon Tea

Case Study - zipMoney: Breaking down the barriers: how CS is driving CX at Zip

Johann Loibl, Head of Customer Service, zipMoney and Ainsley McFlinn, Product Manager, zipMoney

Growing exponentially with a focus on digital, Zip leans heavily upon Customer Success to power their forward momentum. The CS team is the eyes and ears of Zip, working daily with customers, retailers and partners. Zip’s CS function generates mountains of information that is useful in making decisions across all areas of the business... but where did they start? How can an organization open up communication channels and leverage their data to drive a positive change?

In this session, you’ll learn more about Zip’s journey in becoming one of the leading Fintech startups in Australia, and how CS is driving CX on a daily basis to further fuel their growth.'

Case Study - Bingle: Creating a Customer Centric Self-Service Environment

Thomas Heib, Brand Customer Service Principal, Bingle

In this session hear about Bingle's amazing customer service transformation, and their mission to get to 'zero customer cries for help'. Thomas will talk about their journey to create a service experience that is purely customer driven, and how that has shaped Bingles rapid positive change.

Case Study - Retail Zoo: Real Customers, with Real Feedback, in Real Time.

Lien Tran, Assistant Digital Manager, Retail Zoo - Marija Skukan, Head Of Customer Relations, Boost Juice

Companies in the retail space have long used Mystery Shopper programs, extensive feedback forms and NPS to gather customer feedback. Boost Juice have partnered with Zen Desk to innovate this process and attain real-time insights, from real customers, through a 7 second customer feedback system that seamlessly integrated into their existing customer journey.

Lien Tran Speaker Mariga Kukan Speaker

Customer Romance: How to build your brand and business one customer at a time.

Peter Applebaum, Author and CX Expert

Creating positive customer experiences (& relationships) often comes down to doing lots of little things the right way, it's exactly the same in our personal relationships. Author, media commentator and entrepreneur Peter Applebaum introduces us to 'Customer Romance', the practical relationship formula that uses the steps and stages of a romance to help organisations to create stronger and more profitable customer relationships. In this highly engaging presentation, Peter will take us through real life case studies and give ready to implement strategies we can use in our every day personal and business lives.

Cocktail Hour and Private Viewing through Museum of Contemporary Art Galley

Zendesk CX Awards and Celebration Evening

Transforming your customer experience with Zendesk

Sophie Devlin, Customer Success Manager, Zendesk

Looking to transform your customer experience strategy and scale your business? Our Zendesk experts have you covered! Get down to basics and learn why customer experience really matters, and how you can use journey mapping to glean insights and define your strategy. What’s more, you’ll be introduced to tools you can use to better understand your customers so you can meet them where they are, explore new channels you should be offering and, ultimately, improve your support organisation.

Sophie Devlin

Afternoon Tea

Case Study - Southern Phone Ltd: Turning yourself outside-in - A story about using a crisis to build a customer obsessed culture.

David Joss, Managing Director and Rick van Emmerik, Customer Experience Manager, Southern Phone

The telecommunications market is extremely competitive and to survive and thrive telco’s have to find new ways to delight their customers. The only way to do this is to transform from inside-out to outside-in.

David Joss

Case Study - Airtasker: Transforming and Scaling CX delivery in a high growth business

CJ Foo, Chief Operating Officer and Alfred Hooi, VP Business Operations

The team from Airtasker will be sharing their unique perspective on transforming customer experience whilst effectively scaling a customer service team for a rapidly growing online marketplace.

CJ Foo Alfred Hooi



Mikkel Svane


Founder & CEO


Tom Champion

Forrester Research

Senior CX Analyst


Nati Harpaz

The Catch Group



Melissa Dorey


GM Global HR Technology & Innovation


Trent Innes

Xero Australia

Managing Director


Chris Riddell


Global Futurist


Larry Diamond

zipMoney Limited

Founder and CEO


Ainsley McFlinn

zipMoney Limited

Product Manager


Johann Loibl

zipMoney Limited

Head Of Customer Service


Arwen Twinkle Griffioen


Data Scientist


Amie Brennan


Senior Customer Support Advocate - Tier 1


Dan Scheltinga


Director of Customer Advocacy, Global Engagement


Brett Adam


Managing Director & VP Engineering


Sophie Devlin


Customer Success Manager


David Joss

Southern Phone

Managing Director


CJ Foo


Chief Operating Officer


Alfred Hooi


VP Business Operations


Peter Applebaum

Tick Yes

Managing Director


Thomas Heib


Brand Customer Service Principal


Shaun Wilton

Customer Service Group Manager


Paul Williams

Voice of Customer


Lien Tran

Retail Zoo

Assistant Digital Manager


Marija Skukan

Boost Juice

Head Of Customer Relations

Zendesk Presents: CX Event Sydney

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

140 George Street, The Rocks NSW 2000

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